The Chair that Rocks: A Micro-Documentary about the Rocking Chair Culture in Tlacotalpan.

A self replicating Design Research:

When I started doing research about Tlacotalpan for this proyect, there where plenty about the small town, but there is almost no information about the woodcraft culture of the region.

This meant, if I ever needed to get enough information about the woodcraft culture, it needed to be extracted directly from the source.

As I was looking for the best way to do design research in a format capable of self-replicating in the web, I came up with the idea to do a Micro-Documentary. In October 2012, together with my good friend and cinematographer Rafael Arcos and the guidance of Mario Cruz Terán from Foro Cultural Luz de Noche, we went down to Tlacotalpan for 3 days to interview different carpenters and craftsmen and film what you see in this video. 

The Chair that Rocks is the "first chapter" of  this research. Help me spread it around the globe!


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