December 2014 Workshop Results

On December, 2014 the third week long design workshop was held with the participation of 6 designers and architects. On a full week, they developed one conceptual product inspired in the city of Tlacotalpan.

The Designers observed aspects of the town, the community and it's culture, and translate those into different utilitarian products using two crafts.


The Designers represented an attribute of the town into their designs. Designers got inspiration from the local architecture, food, water and transportation.  Click on each image for more information.



Workshop Team: 

The workshop was conducted by:

  • Oscar Prieto (Master Cabinetmaker and Owner of Carpintería Casa Prieto). 
  • Jose Pablo Campos Pineda (Industrial Design Intern, Ibero Puebla).


  • Francisco Chapa.

  • Tania Marlette Velgis .

  • Joel Olguín.

  • Luisa Fernanda García

  • Miriam Jurado

  • Ulises Ezquivel