July's Workshop Results

On July 6th, 2014 the second week long design workshop was held with the participation of 6 mexican design students. On a full week, they developed two products, inspired on local craft but projecting them into a global contemporary context with a strong conceptual approach.

The group was divided in two:  Carpentry and “Tinajeril” Pottery. The last one meaning “Water Jar Pottery”, is traditional craft focused on manufacturing terracotta objects for cooling, filtering and containing fresh water. This craft that represented a regional industry decades ago, today it has been extinct for over 15 years.

Pottery Exercise:

Carpentry in the other hand, is still one of the main activities of this town, making it well renown in the area for it’s durable furniture, being the most popular, the Rocking Chair.

All the furniture in Tlacotalpan is built almost entirely with red cider, with templates and techniques as old as the town itself. 

This craft is also endangered as the elder carpenters have nobody in their families to continue with the tradition, as most of the young people leave Tlacotalpan to look for other opportunities.

Carpentry Exercise:

Workshop Team: 

The workshop will be conducted by:

  • Oscar Prieto (Master Cabinetmaker and Owner of Carpintería Casa Prieto). 


  • Jose Carlos Castillo, CEDIM. (Carpentry).
  • Ana Salazar, CIDI, UNAM (Carpentry).
  • Tessia Pacchano CIDI, UNAM. (Carpentry).
  • Mariana de la Garza, Tec de Monterrey (Pottery). 
  • Luis Rodriguez, CEDIM (Pottery).
  • Karime German, Tec de Monterrey, Puebla (Pottery).